Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lucky 4 leaf clover ... Or is it 4 H

You would think being home with sick kids I could have been more timely putting up my St. Patty's day CCC. Isn't this the cutest CCC ever, I found this on Google and just had to share. See when you use Cupcakes for a circle they do pretty goo. I jut love this one, I hope it brought luck to the Four H club.

Knock back a few green beers and enjoy some Corned Beef and Cabbage! Luck of the Irish to you! Yup I got nothing, just a bunch more cliche's that I'm sure would make my Irish ancestors roll over in their graves so I'll leave you with this amazing CCC. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm so Ready for Spring

I bet you thought I forgot about this blog ... LOL nope just who knew that two blogs could be so much work ... LOL. So it snowed yet again her on Monday! Not once but twice! It came down like crazy when I took the boys to school. Then mid day the sun came out and melted it all and I was like yeah!!! Then I go back to pick them up and it starts again!!! UGH, this is just crazy! I so want spring to be here and the flowers to come in. I just love to have my grass look like grass and not just a lump of dirt!

So when I found this CCC I just had to feature it! Doesn't it just want you to run in the daisies?? I just love it and had to share. I love these new technique to not try to make something look like a form with round cupcakes, hello don't we remember Kindergarten the square peg didn't fit in the round peg! So girls enjoy this amazing super cute CCC! Come on Spring!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Is it a deer or a dino?

I know it's John Deer right??? So I found these cute gal (yes I'm saying it's a girl) and they had it listed as a dinosaur but I'm think a green deer so it has to be the new mascot for John Deer. Hey times are hard a new mascot/logo may help. Not so sure about the crazy yellow squirmy that sorry look like little sperm (hey I said sorry first). But those eyes and eyelashes are to die for. I know I try with make up to make mine look like that with no luck! I'm also sorry you neck looks like it's sunken in like my non existent muscles. Yup drooping down instead of up like bugs bunny and scooby doo once showed us.

So I leave you with the little creature to make up your own mind! Let me know what you think!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Does Thomas have a mustache?

Now like most boys my son went thru a Thomas faze and I'm sure they put a 2 because the boy turned 2, but Cole would point out to you Thomas is 1. I'm happy to say Cole is out of his Thomas faze and onto Mario Cart on DS. Caden is like whatever the other boys like I'm down with.

But back to the CCC of Thomas, you have to admit it was a ice try and making a CCC work with the train shape. I've been seeing this more and more doing a square or some other shape with the character in the middle, which is super cute! This Thomas is a little scary looking with what looks like a mustache and what kind of looks like a scary Gene Simmons Tongue! Coming from this home cook to probably another home cook a pretty good job! So girls feast away on Thomas, that keeps reminding me of those old cartoons with the mustaches painted on them, I just can't get over that :).

Friday, February 27, 2009

Pink Monkey Face ... Nope no Monkey Poo this time

Now this is the way a Monkey cake is to be done! Not like poor Caden's cake (see the side picture) that was featured on Cake Wrecks and is now a famous T-Shirt. Nope this CCC would not make it there! I think it is an amazing example of what a CCC can truly be from a professional that took their time and are not an overworked underpaid employee at your local grocery store. I'm so a pink girl and hint hubby dear this would be an amazing 33 birthday cake. Heck I would be happy with a card, what am I saying! I can't even get one of those let alone a kick butt cake like this! So my pink friends enjoy this killer cake!

The correct way to do a CCC of a monkey face. Don't try to make round cupcakes from a head nope put the head in the middle! What a concept? HUH?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What my brain is confused that's not pizza?`

Can you believe that is a CCC? I know I was totally blown away that those are cupcakes under there! Don't you just love that they even put it in a pizza box, I think my favorite part is the grease stains on the top of the box. Nothing like some grease to make this girl sworn! OH diet how I hate you, even CCC Pizza's is making my mind dance with pizza slices. Now is me dancing with the pizza slice or just slices by them self. I'm sure some physiologist is foaming at the mouth to answer that life question for me! Oh yeah back to the CCC! This I think is one of the best CCC I've seen in a VERY long time!

The shape of cupcakes is perfect for this round shape so no lumps and bumps like we're use to. You can totally tell this was a professional baker using amazing decorator tools to make the toppings! So out of my Wal-Mart price range, but heck it's ok to drool right? Ok I must go now before I head over across the street for one slice, oh shh you know me so well I couldn't stop at just one!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Way Belated V-Day CCC

I'm so upset with myself I totally had this CCC ready to go for Valentines Day. And yup I totally forgot!! I should really learn to just do the post and then schedule it since I can't seem to keep all the ducks in a row or the balls in the air.

So since I'm still waiting on my Valentines Card or gift why not do the same to my lovely readers ... LOL. This CCC is super cute and they found the perfect way to do a CCC by using the shape to their advantage. Perfect idea, don't try to make the elephant with CC's no do a cute blob decorate it up and hand stencil the elephant in the middle. Some of you die hard CCC fans are disappointed I know, but come on you must admit that little smiling face just melts your heart. Right??? What it doesn't? Wow you really are hardcore fans, fine I'll see what I can do to find one more to your liking! But for now I'm leaving this one and you can't make me take it down, well you could but it would take a lot of cupcakes with mile high frosting :). LOL Enjoy girls and hopefully your Valentines Day was better then mine!