Friday, February 27, 2009

Pink Monkey Face ... Nope no Monkey Poo this time

Now this is the way a Monkey cake is to be done! Not like poor Caden's cake (see the side picture) that was featured on Cake Wrecks and is now a famous T-Shirt. Nope this CCC would not make it there! I think it is an amazing example of what a CCC can truly be from a professional that took their time and are not an overworked underpaid employee at your local grocery store. I'm so a pink girl and hint hubby dear this would be an amazing 33 birthday cake. Heck I would be happy with a card, what am I saying! I can't even get one of those let alone a kick butt cake like this! So my pink friends enjoy this killer cake!

The correct way to do a CCC of a monkey face. Don't try to make round cupcakes from a head nope put the head in the middle! What a concept? HUH?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What my brain is confused that's not pizza?`

Can you believe that is a CCC? I know I was totally blown away that those are cupcakes under there! Don't you just love that they even put it in a pizza box, I think my favorite part is the grease stains on the top of the box. Nothing like some grease to make this girl sworn! OH diet how I hate you, even CCC Pizza's is making my mind dance with pizza slices. Now is me dancing with the pizza slice or just slices by them self. I'm sure some physiologist is foaming at the mouth to answer that life question for me! Oh yeah back to the CCC! This I think is one of the best CCC I've seen in a VERY long time!

The shape of cupcakes is perfect for this round shape so no lumps and bumps like we're use to. You can totally tell this was a professional baker using amazing decorator tools to make the toppings! So out of my Wal-Mart price range, but heck it's ok to drool right? Ok I must go now before I head over across the street for one slice, oh shh you know me so well I couldn't stop at just one!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Way Belated V-Day CCC

I'm so upset with myself I totally had this CCC ready to go for Valentines Day. And yup I totally forgot!! I should really learn to just do the post and then schedule it since I can't seem to keep all the ducks in a row or the balls in the air.

So since I'm still waiting on my Valentines Card or gift why not do the same to my lovely readers ... LOL. This CCC is super cute and they found the perfect way to do a CCC by using the shape to their advantage. Perfect idea, don't try to make the elephant with CC's no do a cute blob decorate it up and hand stencil the elephant in the middle. Some of you die hard CCC fans are disappointed I know, but come on you must admit that little smiling face just melts your heart. Right??? What it doesn't? Wow you really are hardcore fans, fine I'll see what I can do to find one more to your liking! But for now I'm leaving this one and you can't make me take it down, well you could but it would take a lot of cupcakes with mile high frosting :). LOL Enjoy girls and hopefully your Valentines Day was better then mine!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Man's Best Friend?

I think I found a perfect example of man's best friend. It's rare I find a CCC that I find so cute and would have a hard time eating. I said hard time, of course I would still eat it hello you know my favorite. Jeez do you really think I would skip out on a cupcake, man I really should though. In all honesty I have been really good I just like drooling over these ... LOL don't you like the pun drool (mental head slap, come on work with me). I think you have been watching too much biggest looser and got Bob in your head, it's just looking I'm not asking you to eat a cupcake! Jeez step down and just enjoy the very cool cake.

So just a brief little fun, you got to love those ears even if they are a little lumpy and bumpy (hello a CCC theme). Those eyes are so flipping cute along with the tongue! The head is not round as you would see with a normal cake, but that is the fun of CCC's right? The more I look at the face it reminds me of that kids show were a person is dressed as a dog. Now I can't remember it for the life of me! Help me out, what was the name of that show? See I leave you with a little homework :).

Friday, February 13, 2009

Prelude to Valentines Day

Well I'm building you up to the super cute CCC I found for tomorrow. Today is a cute heart (well with some serious lumps and bumps) but still a really cute cake. I love how they used little hearts instead of roses to outline the shape. The I Love You kind of looks like it was added to the photo. NO matter it's lumps and bumps it's still a super cute CCC! Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day, and check back tomorrow for the cutest one I have found yet.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I want Cookies ... Um cookies ... cookies

Since I'm trying my best to eat better this week, guess what my mind has been going to every minute (yes minute) of the day ... you got it cookies! I'm a cookie monster at heart and I couldn't resist this wonderful cookie monster CCC. The decorator did an amazing job that looks so cute and all the lumps and bumps aren't noticeable as usual! It looks like real fur and the overall look is amazing! I could keep going but then the cookies that mom brought over might call my name. Or even worse is she had dad bring over 14 cupcakes for Cole's Valentines Party tomorrow, that are from my favorite cupcake store Indulge which who cares about the cupcake all I won't is the frosting that is taller then the cake. Oh man I'm off on a different thing, see what happens when I diet I go crazy. Hmmm maybe being fluffy myself would be an ok thing since dieting makes me nuts ... yum I'm sticking with that. Oh man I'm leaving the kitchen before a few of Cole's cupcakes have frosting missing!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can!

Now this will be a dream cake for my son maybe last year, this year it's all about transformers. This is a very well made cupcake cake! Of course you have to have the lumps and bumps for the brick walls but when you think of it bricks stick out a little bit so it actually works. The only thing that gets me is the hand on top, it just doesn't look like it fits with the rest of the body! You can tell some serious detail went into making this one and one little boy (or little girl, I actually know one that went as batman last Halloween) will be over joyed with. Now my friends how the heck am I going to pull off a transformer CCC that will be as cool as this? Hmmm I'm sure the saga will continue on that one. For now I leave you with a really cool CCC to jump in to ... LOL yes Jump is a pun! Or guess I should have said leap but now you've made me ruin the fun! I'm going to go stalk off (man you just don't like any of my funnies today). I give up I can't please you, guess I'll go back to my double personality of Peter ... see split personality ... oh geez I give up!

Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm Running Away to Paradise ...

What a SUPER cute cake, we had one like this made for my friend's bridal shower but this is so cute also. I'll have to search and find the one we had made to show you! This one is done very cute with the frosting even looking like real palm bark (is that even a word) and the sand at the bottom is so cute! They did a GREAT job keeps the cupcakes in line and making it look like a real palm tree. Kudos to the designer on this one, I want to dive in and eat one or runnaway to a tropic island. Since the chances of that are slim I'll go with the frosting, always my friend :)!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Can a CCC be sexy?

Well I think this one might just be the example of it! Check out those ta-tas looking pretty darn good for a 70 year old! LOL I'm not sure about the lumps and how they are positioned but heck who would complain at that again, I think I would be the turtleneck type by then. Cakes with just bottom and no head always kind of freak me out but that might just be me. Over all you know this had to be a professional cake that took a lot of time and effort. As usual the frillies around the edge always seem a little out of place but overall a GREAT example of CCC that go right! So who ever you are Sally your cake was pretty amazing for 70 years!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Are you staring at ME??

I found this little gem and just had to share it with you all. Let's just start with those eyes they are freaking me out! Don't even get me started on what the heck is stuck in the back end as a tail, that just doesn't look right! The basket weave look for the green was a nice touch to look kind of like a shell, the brown on top is a little weird. I still can't get over those eyes and smirk on it's face. Makes me want to run for cover. Happy Friday, isn't this face just perfect, yeah perfect for happy hour to come very soon!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm Ready ... I'm Ready ...

for an AWESOME Sponge Bob CCC! Now this CCC rocks, my boys love SBSP and I would love this for Cole's 5th birthday in April but I just know this one was spendy, so not a Wal-Mart special like I get. Yes I know that is why I got the Monkey Poo CCC last year, but hey it made you all laugh and they made a T-Shirt out of it ... LOL. This CCC took some serious time and you know was done by a professional. Enjoy a CCC done right!

Ok yes we always have to point out little things, I couldn't just leave it like that could I? Ok the hands do look a little funny but for the life of me I can't think what his hands look like. The furry looking pants and socks are a little weird but they do add some dimension to the cake. Don't you just love the knobby looking knees ... LOL. All I got to say is this is better then I can make, and Cole picked out Transformers for this birthday. Let's just wait to see what I pull out for that one. Ok I'm done, enjoy :).

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What Happened to Strawberry Shortcake?

When I was littled I LOVED Strawberry Shortcake I even had my room done up with the everything Strawberry Shortcake! I mean it looked like pink and strawberries threw up all over my room. Hmmm wonder if that was because dad got remarried and I wasn't happy, well I'll leave that nugget for the phyciatrist I'll need when I'm older.

On to the CCC that I'm sorry to say is a little bit of a wreck (sorry for the pun to my fav Cake Wreck Blog). It looks like pour little SS was smooched by a HUGE strawberry! Her little leg is just dangling there and she can't even breath all you see is the top of her hat with a peak of hair. But yes this looks homemade so we must give props to the mom who tried and probably was running around crazy to get the party stuff and then remembered around midnight before the party (mind you out of a dead sleep) crap I didn't order a cake I must make one right now!! Threw up on the cupboards to see thankfully one box of cake mix, think think what can I make. Oh I know I'll make cupcakes and make a strawberry, Dora (made up name) would love that since SS is her hero! Strawberry how hard can that be? The question of death that lead to green and pink dyed fingers and maybe a few streaks in the hair. Around 2am she looks at the lump and thinks wow I really pulled that one off, it looks perfect!!!

The next morning when the fog is lifted from her sleepless night she looks at her creation and says ok I think maybe some sprinkles can help. Yup all better, oh wait I'll put it on a SS place mat and all will be great. Right? Thankfully Dora is 5 and could careless, except not sure what that strange taste is in the cake. Oh crap maybe a little of the vodka that was keeping me up last night slipped into the batter, no worries kids the alcohol had to be cooked out!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

Well I'm sorry this is a little late girls, it's been a busy week with sick kids, work and then the computer died ... ugh. So here I am typing from hubby's laptop, see I need to hide in the closet and borrow it! Rick's never learned the kindergarten rule of sharing, so I "borrow" by hiding with the laptop ... LOL.

Back to our tribute to Sunday's CCC! Now I must say a BIG Thank You to Sandee @ Cake Thoughts who found this cake and took the time to actually email me a link to it. Now isn't that the coolest thing! Ok now I must confess when I saw an email that said CCC Wars my heart dropped I thought ohh here I go my first hate mail from a baker ... LOL. Sandee email has pink in the title and all I could see in my fog was the pink bakery ladies who I LOVE but was thinking oh crap did I feature one of their cakes that will upset them? After wiping of my sweaty palms I click opened and sighed a HUGE relief to find not hate mail but an AWESOME friend who thought of me when she came across a CCC.

So here it goes girl a tribute to football. Well as best as we can get the swirls kind of get my mind in a fog thinking of some Scooby Doo show were they always switched scenes with that spooky hypnotist swirls (Come on you know what I'm talking about). Then you add on the writing with the wrong tip that makes it a little hard to see. At least it's in the right shape and as we know that is a step in the right direction. Enjoy your football girls, ok well at least enjoy all the food YOU (yes I know YOU) made it so enjoy! Much love and thank you again Sandee, I totally appreciate it!