Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

Well I'm sorry this is a little late girls, it's been a busy week with sick kids, work and then the computer died ... ugh. So here I am typing from hubby's laptop, see I need to hide in the closet and borrow it! Rick's never learned the kindergarten rule of sharing, so I "borrow" by hiding with the laptop ... LOL.

Back to our tribute to Sunday's CCC! Now I must say a BIG Thank You to Sandee @ Cake Thoughts who found this cake and took the time to actually email me a link to it. Now isn't that the coolest thing! Ok now I must confess when I saw an email that said CCC Wars my heart dropped I thought ohh here I go my first hate mail from a baker ... LOL. Sandee email has pink in the title and all I could see in my fog was the pink bakery ladies who I LOVE but was thinking oh crap did I feature one of their cakes that will upset them? After wiping of my sweaty palms I click opened and sighed a HUGE relief to find not hate mail but an AWESOME friend who thought of me when she came across a CCC.

So here it goes girl a tribute to football. Well as best as we can get the swirls kind of get my mind in a fog thinking of some Scooby Doo show were they always switched scenes with that spooky hypnotist swirls (Come on you know what I'm talking about). Then you add on the writing with the wrong tip that makes it a little hard to see. At least it's in the right shape and as we know that is a step in the right direction. Enjoy your football girls, ok well at least enjoy all the food YOU (yes I know YOU) made it so enjoy! Much love and thank you again Sandee, I totally appreciate it!


Chef E said...

Oh this is nice a chocolaty...I was wondering where you went to. I know Debra was hiding inside her football cocoon...hope the kids feel better!

Cake Thoughts said...

Ha Ha, sorry for the big scare :) You do a wonderful job with this Blog and I am always happy to help! Hope your kids and computer get better and work gets easier!
Sandee - Cake Thoughts

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Muah thanks girls for the love and your thoughts. We hopefully are doing better and I actually think I may be getting some headway here ... yup I'm giggling too!

Thanks Sandee you rock I so love email and helpful links. Your amazing, and no worries I need a little heart putter everyonce in awhile ..LOL