Friday, February 6, 2009

Are you staring at ME??

I found this little gem and just had to share it with you all. Let's just start with those eyes they are freaking me out! Don't even get me started on what the heck is stuck in the back end as a tail, that just doesn't look right! The basket weave look for the green was a nice touch to look kind of like a shell, the brown on top is a little weird. I still can't get over those eyes and smirk on it's face. Makes me want to run for cover. Happy Friday, isn't this face just perfect, yeah perfect for happy hour to come very soon!


Chef E said...

Obviously this is some loving mom's attempt to make her special child very happy...I can tell by the fact that they did put a lot of work into this things, lol

Eyes are giant green olives and tail is celery stick, that shows she was about to have a bloody mary or martini once it was done, kind of a quick escape means, lol

Christine aka Mistress of Cakes said...

*stumbles in* oh I'm sorry I thought I was at Cake

Debra said...

I think he is cute!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

E your so right it was some very sweet mom and here I'm making fun of the cake ... LOL. Sorry I just can't help myself but I so understand the whole bloddy mary thing I'm all over it!

Christine you crack me up, I'm challening my Jen God from CW ;)

Ahh Debra it's so good to hear from you I was getting worried :)