Friday, January 9, 2009

Aye Mate!! Arg ... It's a Pirates life for me.

I found this I believe on Flickr and thought it was way too cute, if I could trust that the bakery would do it correct I'd probably do it for Cole's upcoming birthday. Now this of course is done in fondant, since it's so smooth. I so agree with Chef E that the kids would miss the yummy frosting, and I know for sure this mom would! I'm a closet frosting eater, yup when ever I frost cupcakes I have to throw out the extra or I'll sneak out of bed and get a spoon and have a little. Then go back to bed, sneak back out and have just one more bite until it's gone. Darn off subject yet again!

The only thing is we're still on the lumpy and bumpy theme with his face. It kind of looks like he's been stung by a thousand bees and the swelling has just begun, now all we need is the red spots. Hey then he would match his hate, so that could be a good thing. Right?

Well maybe this could be the cupcake I turn in for Mistress and the Iron Cupcake Challenge. Style points, right? LOL watch out girls I'm working on some "Wine" cupcakes. That still throws me, you mean I have to share my wine and NOT drink it?

Now with out further ado, the pirate cupcake cake. One last thing that came to mind (oh I know, I'm all over the place today). You know those 1-800 Free Credit Report commercials? Doesn't he remind you of that guy working in a pirate restaurant?


Chef E said...

Finally, you are cracking me up! Freeeeee Creeedit...da da da da! Yes, they did that to bug the heck out of us, and the marketing guy is laughing all the way to the bank!

Arrrgggghhh, I am an Irish Pirate and say yer pickin the right cake, missie...just do cupcakes with the same theme, only they pull aparrrrrrt! and a ship off to the side with the lil matties name!

I have to tell you an idea for a cup cake I may have to make...what are you and mistress doing to me...I have no grand kids yet???

Christine aka Mistress of Cakes said...

This is ironic! One of my themes on The Mistress of Cakes was Pirates and this guys was one of the cakes I featured except he wasn't a CCC! Bravo on this find! I'm happy that you are finding decent CCC's out there...Cake Wrecks had me turned off from them especially your little boys cake!

Chef E said...

Hey Mistress, I cannot leave a comment on your blog...and funny I sent Alexis a pic of a mushroom inspired CC from a Mario cake...we are all on some kind of blog wave length here???

I dreamed up a cake made of cup dark oven is calling...Luke...I am your baker...he he

Debra said...

E - now that last post is just too funny!

Lex - I now have that goofy song playing in my head! Be on the look out for the mail next week. I put your package in the mail this evening, 3 day first class. It has the box tops and a couple little surprises for you!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Yeah girls you ROCK. I've had the WOREST Saturday so far and still more to come. You girls gave me the HUGEST SMILE! LOVE ya.