Friday, January 16, 2009

Elmo's Watching YOU!!!

Now we love Elmo here and this is done professionally and it is very cute! The eyes are just what get me, it's like he's staring right threw me. I'm getting creepy memories of IT or some other movie that gives me the hibby gibbies! Now I also don't know what the extra cupcakes are for, but they of course are done beautifully. Just don't fit with the Elmo face. I think I've been staring too long the mouth looks like it's getting bigger and going to come after me. Ok now I'm going crazy and have scary movies run threw my head and this cute cake has taken on a different tone. I'm running away (Oh shhs I know another cheap plug for my other blog), but man I must leave you NOW!


Debra said...

Oh, I like this one!;-)

Chef E said...

I do too, I would so gobble him right up, forget any others in the room,lol, but it would be evident who ate it with a red smile!

KGW said...

Stopping by from SITS. The Elmo cupcakes are so cute and yummy looking. Have you seen the new Elmo Live doll? Talk about scary movies. That thing has a mind of its own and is like the second coming of Chucky!