Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Blog Look!

I want to say a BIG Thank you to Felicia @ Go Graham Go, she has a free website for blog designs! Make sure you check her out, I've also put a link on the side of my page for her. Make sure to get an amazing blog (she'll even put a personalized header), and remember it's always nice to donate :).
Big Hugs Felicia you Rock, I love the new look of my blog! Isn't she cute, Love the cupcake under the hat. You know I would do that then the kids couldn't find it! Yummy!


Chef E said...

I love the new site! I also love your other one too :) we moms cannot be partial to our babies can we *giggle* ...a friend wants me to email her you meatloaf recipes, I told her all about this wonderful blog I am two!

Felicia said...

Alexis... i guess you already know..but you also have 3 columns now so you can put stuff over on the left if you want to!!

Have a great day! I'm glad this cupcake design came in handy!

Debra said...

Love the new layout!

Alexis said...

Thanks girls, she even made me a cut cupcake for my home button! Doesn't she rock.

Yup totally forgot it's 2 columns, so that nice white over there will soon be filled in :). LOL Blonde moment.

Anonymous said...

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